Medical Hazardous Material Removed Responsibly

Our process is simple; We come to you and pick up your medical waste from your facility. From there, we bring it to our processing plant where we use an autoclave to sterilize, break down, and deminish the size of the waste by 75% - 85%.



Medical waste management requires proper handling and is regulated in accordance by state and local government agencies such as law enforcement. Earthcare ensures proper management and follows these guidelines above and beyond, while offering competitive pricing without lengthy contracts.


While there are several processes that are used in order to dispose of medical waste, we choose to use a Rotoclave. The Rotoclave rotates the medical waste while applying pressure and steam for an allotted time to ensure the material is sterile. Once sterilized, the waste is ground into smaller fragments and then shipped to a landfill.


Unlike other methods such as incineration, which is the process burning medical waste in an incinerator, Medical disposal using the Rotoclave can be done properly without having to pre-sort the medical waste.

The process of the rotoclave is quite simple. All medical waste is loaded in the Rotoclave, steam and pressure is applied and is then chopped leaving a small fraction of the waste.


Using a Rotoclave is considered the safest, most environmentally effective method of medical waste disposal which reduces our ecological footprint. Most other methods such as incineration, microwave, disinfection, and irradiation effectively sterilize medical waste. However, these processes still leave behind large quantities of the actual product which is then brought to a landfill or produces harmful chemicals which is released in open air.

By eliminating the process of pre-sorting and cutting down the left over waste, Earthcare is able to offer reasonable and competitive pricing. While most Medical Waste Companies require lengthy contracts, Earthcare is confident to offer our clients pricing with limited contracts allowing you to cancel at any time if not completely satisfied.